My daughter, Nora, watched our dress rehearsal the weekend before opening night. She uncharacteristically had not yet been to a practice and told my wife she needed to see it in case she had notes. Naturally - I was curious as to what those notes might be (she had many), but more so I was curious to know what she thought was the message of the story. We did not read Alfred Lobel’s Newberry Award winning series of books when she was younger. Prior to seeing the show, all she knew of Frog and Toad was based on what she gleaned from hearing me routinely misquote the lyrics while singing my way around the house. 

“Friendship isn’t delicate,” she said and then clarified, “Friendship isn’t delicate, or it shouldn’t be.  If you are really good friends, it isn’t delicate.” She continued, “I love that Frog believes in Snail, and that Snail believes in herself.” She ended her reflection with “and just happiness - it just made me smile. My cheeks hurt after because I smiled the entire show”.  

This episodic adaptation of Lobel’s books has so much to offer audiences young and old. The narrative is simple on its face, but contains within it a rich and complex landscape of thematic ideas.  

Our cast of actors, our crew of technical artists, and our ensemble of musicians have served this story so brilliantly and beautifully. They have taken such joy in the discovery of its themes, of finding the fun in every moment, and of sharing Toad's triumphs and Frog's optimism. I am so proud of the artistry each student has affectionately offered to Alfred Lobel’s world and its characters. 

I hope it makes you smile too.

 ~Brian Hardie

Welcome to our Lincoln High School production of A Year with Frog and Toad!

Act I

"A Year With Frog And Toad" — Birds, Frog, and Toad

"Spring" — Frog, Toad, and Birds

"Seeds" — Toad

"The Letter" — Snail

"Getta Loada Toad" — Toad, Frog, Turtle, Mouse, and Lizard

"Underwater Ballet" — Orchestra, danced by Turtle

"Alone" — Frog

"The Letter (Reprise)" — Snail

"Cookies" — Frog, Toad, and Birds


Act II


"The Kite" — Birds, Frog, Toad

"A Year With Frog And Toad (Reprise)" — Birds

"He'll Never Know" — Frog and Toad

"Shivers" — Young Frog, Mother Frog, Father Frog, Toad, and Frog

"Snow Ballet"† — Orchestra, danced by Moles

"The Letter (Reprise)" — Snail

"Down The Hill" — Frog, Toad, and Moles

"I'm Coming Out of My Shell" — Snail

"Toad to the Rescue" — Toad and Moles

"Merry Almost Christmas" — Toad, Frog, and Moles

"Finale" — Birds, Toad, Frog


Frog.....Curran Littel-Jensen

Toad.....Zachary Kemnitz

Birds.....Max Altena

          Clara Carlson

          Jackson Klawonn

          Marrie Jo Luther

         Nick Kvale
          Samuel McConnell

          Zoe Stevenson

Snail.....Jacalyn Bechard

Turtle......Emily Piper

Lizard......Delaney Gramlick

Mouse.....Berkeley Newell

Father Frog.....James Fletcher

Mother Frog.....Ellie Quinn

Young Frog.....Chalease Kenyon

Large & Terrible Frog...Samuel McConnell

Moles.....Porter Altena

          Jonah Boyd

          Ender Hosie-Wood

          Matias Rojas

          Aedan Wagner

Squirrels.....Dillon Glover

          Eli Wagley


Ilee Neemeyer


Kathy Ferguson...piano

Topher Post...guitar, banjo

Abbie McPhink...bass, tuba

Eliot Gongopolous...drumset

Mark Hajal...percussion

Josh Raether...percussion

Jacob Pagone...reeds (alto sax, clarinet, flute, piccolo)

Becca Derenge...clarinet, bass clarinet

Annabelle Johnson...flute, alto flute

Miles Broveleit...tenor sax

Ellie Erbentraut...trumpet

Jonathan Wang...trombone

Stage Manager
Lily Ralston-Perrault

Assistant Stage Manager

Jonah Paul

Evy Abild

Taelor Blankenfeld

Madeline Boehrns

Rowan Brown

Oliver Comp

Mayble Devine

Samantha Fletcher

Shelby Hicks

Jay Johnson

Keira Jongewaard

Ivy Kiesow

Carolyn Kirkland

Grace Meyers

Juliet Meyers

Liv Perry

Rhea Petersen

Olivia Raveling

Tommy Rush

Preslie Sheridan

Hannah Skroch

Megan Smith

El Spencer

Netsanet Tefere

Phoenix Wilson

Front of House/Publicity Crew
Elsa Aarbo

Ella Bartz

Max Bennett

Elizabeth Boehrns

Charlotte Desmond

Madyson Jarrott

Mila Lemke

Sarah Liedtke

Rai Rosa de Sharon

Exer Thomas



Artistic Director...... Brian Hardie

Music Director......Jacob Noordermeer

Technical Director......... Regan Meyer

Business Manager....... Sara Klawonn

Collaborative Pianist....Kathy Ferguson

Choreographer....Clara Carlson


LHS Administration, Dr. Laura Raeder, Danyelle Brown, Mitch Lynch, and David Maxwell
SFSD Fine Arts Coordinator, Shane Wuebben

LHS Custodial Staff

Christy Bossman and her Large and Terrible Masterpiece
Steve Hirsh for always being on call when the lights won’t come on
Mario Chiarello, Dan Carlson, and Drew Balta - There are few joys in musical theatre as pure as working with skilled and professional musicians, and I do believe we are working with the best.
Alaina, Nora and Henry Hardie - the three biggest LHS Theatre fans in the whole world
Mike Brown and MGB Photography 

LHS Theatre Booster Reps, led by Amy Little-Jensen



Arnold Lobel's story revolves around the heartwarming friendship between two amphibious pals: Frog and Toad. Throughout the seasons, they embark on whimsical adventures, from planting seeds in spring to sledding down hills in winter. Their camaraderie, humor, and resilience make this musical a charming exploration of friendship. Join Frog and Toad and all their friends as they learn about patience and resilience, friendship and happiness, and the ebb and flow of time.

A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).

All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.